How to Join

First, you need to understand that the Priory of His Coming Glory, a priory within the Knights Templar of America is unapologetically Christian as an organization.  As such, the only individuals who should apply for membership are people who have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

After filling out your application online, you should like our page on Facebook and message us to let us know that you have applied.  That way we can follow up with the Knights Templar of America to make sure your application is received in good order.

New members who have met the qualifications and who have paid their annual dues will be announced as Companion At Arms into the order.  Once you have served as a Companion At Arms for 6 months, you may be promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the order, subject to your activity level as assessed by the Prior and other leaders.  Knighthood is granted to those Sergeants who excel in 1)encouraging others 2)mentoring Companion at Arms 3)making a difference in their communities 4)participation in investitures, round table meetings and social media channels.

Here is what will cause your status within the order to be revoked and your privileges suspended:

  • Conduct unbecoming of a Knight (or Dame) including open sin such as adultery/fornication
  • Social media posts or activities that are unbecoming of a follower of Christ, specifically racial or ethnic slurs, excessive profanity, bullying of others or illegal activity
  • Blatant disrespect or insubordination towards another Knight, Knight Commander, Dame, or our Grand Prior
  • Speaking of Free Masonry or recruiting for other Templar orders not affiliated with the Knights Templar of America

Annual dues are $65 for the first year.  The annual suggested donation goes to the upkeep and expenses of the Order along with a cross you will receive that is the same for all Knights and Dames of the Order.  The annual dues drops to $50.00 in year 2 and every year thereafter.  Additional regalia MAY be purchased later at your discretion, including a Knight’s Mantle and a Soldier of Christ ring.  Links will be provided to you for the official regalia of the Order.

Please fill out the following form in its entirety.  Some of the information submitted including testimony information and pertinent work/professional experience will be used to create a biography for your announcement into the order.  Be prepared to also submit a photograph via Facebook or email after your acceptance is complete.

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